Collecting Military Compasses


Taylor  "Usanite "military pocket watch style compass 1918





During 1917 and 1918, Taylor manufactured the Engineerinf Department U.S.A. compasses. The case design did not change during the two years. Taylor's  Leedawl and Usanite compass inserts can be found in these   1917 and 1918 compasses. The 1917 models usually have  the Leedawl, the 1918 models generally have the Usanite insert.The dials are graduated every 2 degrees, numbered in quadrants every 10 degrees. Their diameter is 45 mm.

These compasses were also offered to the general public in unmarked, nickel cases. 

(Text by Kornelia Takacs  "Compass Chronicles" ) 

 Contains Radium paint. (0.8 micro sievert/h)




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