Collecting Military Compasses


"Sunwatch" made by The Ansonia Clock CO. New York



 "Sunwatch", A Combination Sundial and Compass by Ansonia Clock Co. Sunwatch is a sundial which was carried when a pocket watch would have been too expensive.

This brass pocket sundial was made by the Ansonia Clock Company USA in the early 1920’s. There were 5 versions.  Two for the American market (and this is one of them), one for the Australian/ New Zealand market, one for the British market and one for the Canadian market . The sundial base plate has 3 scales for telling time in 3 places with different latitudes. The inside cover has a chart listing 42 cities in the USA and their respective degrees latitude, longitude and clock time in minutes to add or subtract from sun time. The brass gnomon is fitted into a crevice in the base plate, to be pulled out when needed. The various latitudes are etched into the base of the gnomon for easy use. The Sunwatch is enclosed in a brass case with a push-button catch at the base.


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