Collecting Military Compasses


Military wrist compass

 This compass type was developed in 1907 by the Russian cartographer Vladimir Nikolaevich ADRIANOFF (b. Feb. 22, 1875 in St-Petersburg - d. August 24, 1938 in Ostashkov). 

This item is identical with the Russian AURKKA and ZUP models but it was only used in Bulgaria and in the former Yugoslavia, in the regions writing in cyrillic letters, i.e. Serbia. The only difference with the Russian version is the letter used for the cardinal point EAST (located underneath the figure 450 mils and between 75 and 105 degrees) and which stands for the word изток (pronounce iztok) in the Bulgarian and Serbo-croatian languages while it is восток (pronounce vostok, abbreviated B) in Russian. It was also officially called Adrianoff's compass (Adrijanova busola) in the Yugoslav Army's manuals.  (source:

Contains Radium paint. (1.7 micro sievert/h)


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