Collecting Military Compasses


Ior Valdada B1-69 military compass 1977


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The Romanian company IOR Valdada optics has been making quality optics since the mid 1930s. At WW2 the company was drafted by German forces.  During the war they produced a wide range of military optics.  When Romania was absorbed into the Warsaw Pact, IOR Valdada became a major supplier to the military forces of the East.  Along with the Carl Zeiss firm, IOR supplied military grade optics throughout the cold war era.

The military compass IOR B1-69 was made for orientation in terrain hikers, scouts, mountain climbers and for all other outdoor use.The robust housing is made ​​of high quality, magnet-free light metal; the leading edge for precision mapping and measuring distances.The compass mirror is made of chromed brass.The compass has four luminous markers.The weight is approximately 100 grams.





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