Collecting Military Compasses


M22 compass used by the II-7 RVA

  (For the Bézard compass History, click here!)


 This also is a Bezard military compass, made by the Firm Lufft in Stuttgart. On the side is stamped 35.1 and on the back is scratched "2-7-RVA. On the leather pouch also is written 2-7-RVA.  RVA stands for Regiment veldartillerie = Regiment Field Artillery. Compass works with 6400 mils.

 Three different logos were used on these Bezard compasses made by Lufft. The most common ones are the letters G & L together with a drawing compass or the Name LUFFT in gothic fonts. A very seldom used one, and probably the oldest of all, features a flat cylindric shape with an axis and the name LUFFT (seen on older barometers). You can see that logo on this compass. (picture 5)


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