Collecting Military Compasses


M 22   Bezard compass 3


 (For the Bézard compass History, click here!)


 Made by the Firm "Lufft" Stuttgart. This kind of compass was also used in the French and German army. Scale in Mils. The cardinal points were written in the local language. Dutch= N-O-Z-W.

Also the in the lid inprinted " DIRECTION" became "Richting".

After WW2 this type of compass was replaced by the British MK III, the MK IX and the M2, however, this compass contains no radioactive "glow in the dark"paint, it uses phosphorescence. The older radioactive Dutch military compasses were probably converted in the 1970's. So this compass was used long after WW2 in the Dutch Army.

A fluid Bezard compass was used in the Royal Dutch Airforce untill 1980?





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