Collecting Military Compasses


M 22   Bezard compass 1


 (For the Bézard compass History, click here!)


 No: 3197

This compass  was made  by the Firm "Lufft" Stuttgart. This kind of compass was also used in the French and German army. Scale in Mils. The cardinal points were written in the local language.

Dutch= N-O-Z-W.

The in the lid inprinted " DIRECTION" became "Richting".

Stamps on the back en side.

Back stamp= ST. II - 2 R.A. means "Staf 2e Bataljon 2e Regiment Artillerie".

Side stamp is 36.1 

On the bottom you find D.v.O. (Department of War) This mark was used until 1928. Then it became D.v.D. (Department of Defence)

Contains Radium paint. (3.1  micro sievert/h)









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