Collecting Military Compasses


Great Britain

 Military compasses:

Verner compass made by J.H.Steward London 1895

Verners pattern military compass MK4 made by J.H.Steward 1903

Verners pattern no 5  1905

Sinclair reflex  night  marching compass

British Army military sketching board with compass    Sold

"The Magnapole" military  marching compass WW1

Creagh-Osborne Observer wrist compass 1915

Steward   "Angle of sight" compass/inclinometer 1916

Verners pattern no VIII made by  French Limited 1917

Verners pattern no VIII  made by E. Koehn Geneve 1918

Service pattern liquid prismatic compass 1916-1932

Verners pattern no IX  1938

Verners pattern no IX  1941

Military pocket compass ww2

Escape compass 

RAF Escape compass button

MK I  magnetic marching compass

Service Pattern liquid prismatic compass

Mk 2 British Indian  compass

Mk III prismatic marching compass Instructions for Use

MK III prismatic marching compass 1942 

MK III prismatic marching compass 1943

MK III prismatic marching compass 1944

Military wrist compass by Barker 1950's

G150  prismatic marching compass no1 

G150  prismatic marching compass no2

Military pattern Mk 02B compas and Azimuth no 4    Sold

Sestrel "Radiant" landing compass

RAF Astro compass MK II

Director no 7 (aiming circle)


Civilian compasses:

Pantochronometer 1820?

Pocket compass 1850

Victorian pocket compass by S. Dickson Jeweller Dumfries 1855

Open compass by Negretti & Zambra 1870

Pocket compass in Morocco case 1870

Victorian pocket compass

Press fit cover compass (brass)

Short & Mason "Ceebynite" pocket compass 1910

Small pocket compass 1910/20

Pocket compass with Singer design on mother of pearl 1920

Guilded hunter cased pocket  compass

Antique pendant with compass

Open compass

Educational compass

Pocket compass

Plane table compass

SEL Pocket compass

Merit Pocket compass 1

Merit Pocket compass 2

Prismatic survey compass 

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