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Kasper & Richter  Compass Meridian Pro



This compass was already produced by  WILKIE in the 1960's and later on ( 1975) by Eschenbach. In 2005 Kasper & Richter took over the compassproduction from Eschenbach. Over the years optimizations were performed. The prism, the scales, the camp and the liquid in the compass housing were changed.

Eschenbach produced. Over the years, again and again 
Optimizations performed. The prism, the scales, the camp 
and the liquid in the compass housing are changed.

 Multi-purpose, heavy and accurate compass `Made in Germany´. Metal housing and lid. The lid has a window with bearing indicator and guard

The instrument has a metal bezel with 360° scale and a floating thermo-elastic fluid 360° compass capsule. Each degree is marked and each 10° numbered. A reverse course scale, prism (precision bearing reading), N/S and E/W lines, spirit level and a clinometer are integrated. Useable too, as theodolite or geological compass. Inch and cm ruler, north marker, direction arrow and fluorescent index, ¼ inch threaded tripod socket in the base, conversion table degrees/Mils, percent gradient, width/distance and thumb ring complete the generous specification. 9,9 x 6,3 x 3 cm, 210 g.


 (Click here for more info on Kasper & Richter in German)

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