Collecting Military Compasses


Wilkie compass model 110 P



The Region of Nuremberg - Fürth in Bavaria has a very long tradition in the field of manufacturing compass. The brand "Original Wilkie" still stands for quality in the manufacturing compass. Original Wilkie goes back to Wilhelm Kienzler. He ran a compass factory in Fürth. He produced in the early 1960s today's meridian housing, the one at the Kasper & Richter Meridian and Meridian Pro compasses use again today. The typical compass Wilkie had small stabilizing fins on the compass needle. The needle itself was even then stored in a sapphire. The thermo elastic fluid capsule made ​​sure that no air bubbles could form in a temperature range of -30 ° Celsius to +70 ° Celsius.

Over time, the compass manufactory Wilkie was taken over by the company. Eschenbach from Nuremberg. Today, the company Kasper & Richter continues the success line.


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