Collecting Military Compasses


Pilot/Flight personnel’s AK 39 wrist compass


The AK 39 wrist compass was developed for wear by pilots and aircrew for calculating their position if forced to abandon their aircraft or in crash landing situations. Black and clear bakelite construction compass with a blackened leather wrist strap is roughly 2 3/8" diameter and 7/8" thick. Compass has a clear top plate and black bakelite body. Clear top plate rotates for aligning directional headings and has small repeating vertical grooves to sides for ease of handling. Interior of compass has an alcohol filling with floating, clear bakelite plate with black, 360 degree directional markings in increments of 30. Interior directional plate has a luminous arrow at the North heading and luminous dots at each of the 30 degree increment markings.

This compass was manifactured by Kadlec.  He was a German instruments manufacturer in Prague untill the end off WW2

Contains Radium paint. (0.35 micro sievert/h)

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