Collecting Military Compasses


 Military Marching Compass in Mils w/ 5 cm fold-out ruler  Fuess Berlin Steglitz WW 2


This dry compass was used by the Wehrmacht until 1945.  I found three models, but maybe there are more. This one is quite heavy and  made of brass. The ruler is 5 cm long. The lid is narrow at the front.

The maker, R. FUESS (Fabrik für wissenschaftliche und technische Präzisions-Messinstrumente) was a German company in Berlin/Steglitz, (scientific and technical precision measuring instruments). FUESS produced during WWII the infantry-men's standard 'Marschkompass'.

A fluid version  also exists. ( see )

These three compasses featured 6400 mils divisions counterclockwise.

Contains Radium paint. (0.5 micro sievert/h)


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