Collecting Military Compasses


Military marching compass von Stein typ 39


 Former German company located Böcklingstrasse 2 (now Lommelstr.) in a southern district of Munich (München-Solln). The company name "Moment-Apparate" appears on the user instructions. It was registered in 1937/38? by Carl's wife Erika von Stein-Liebenstein zu Barchfeld. The inscription in the telephone book of Munich for the year 1942 is "Stein, Carl von, (HR), Messgeräte u. elektr.techn. Apparate " (i.e. measuring and electrotechnical instruments). The abbréviation HR = Handelsregisterindicates that the company was registered).

During the first air bombing of Munich on September 19, 1942, a bomb hit the house no. 1 on the opposite side of the street and which belonged to the industrial manager Rodenstock (optics). The company was no longer listed in the telefone books in the following years. We assume thus that their house (and maybe the family itself) was probably also badly hit.
The only known product is this unusual instrument called TYP 39 (since probably made in 1939) featuring a tiny aluminium pocket compass attached to a much larger bakelite case. 





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