Collecting Military Compasses



Military compasses:

Artillery compass Voigtländer     Sold

Artillery compass F.W. Breithaupt & Sohn Cassel

Artillery compass C. Zeiss

Artillery compass (unknown)

Bezard compass Small model  1905 with wooden casing

Military Bezard compass Lufft(Armeemodell 1910 I )Small model

Military Bezard compass Lufft (Armeemodell 1910 II) Large model

Military Bezard compass (modell 1  )Small model

Jungendienst compass model XI 1933

Marching compass Jugend

Marching compass

Marching compass A    Sold

Military marching compass Von Stein

Military marching compass model 1 w/a 5 cm  fold-out ruler  R.Fuess Berlin Steglitz

Military marching compass  model 1 w/a 6 cm  fold-out ruler  Busch Rathenow

Military marching compass model 2 Busch Rathenow     Sold

Military marching compass w/a 6 cm  fold-out ruler HAP

Military prismatic fluid compass

Marching compass P1

Commando frogmen "Kampfschwimmer" wrist compass "Panerai" 

WW2Pilot/Flight personnels?s AK 39 wrist compass    Sold

Belco GKS Gelände kompass 1950's

Compass Freiberger Präqzisionsmechanik 1

Compass Freiberger Präzisionsmechanik 2

Compass F 52 Freiberger Präzisionsmechanik

Compass F 73 Freiberger Präzisionsmechanik

BW Pilot wrist compass

BW Marching compass "Conat" Breithaupt Kassel

Civilian compasses:

Neuhöfer geological compass

Tourist compass 1

Tourist compass 2

Camping compass

Wilkie depth gauge/compass

Wilkie pocket compass SDM 45 ?? 

Wilkie fluid pocket compass SDM 45/F

Wilkie Marching Compass Model M 106 FC

Wilkie "Nato" marching compass

Wilkie Nato marching compass

Wilkie wrist compass type AK (1)

Wilkie wrist compass type AK (2)

Wilkie Bearing compass M 107 F (1970)

Wilkie compass model M 110 P 

Pasto compass "Kommit"

Pasto compass model "Kührt" 

Pasto Marching compass no 4

Small open face compass

Open face compass with mirror

Pocket compass 1920

Pocket compass Busch or Lufft

Small pocket compass Lufft mod 330

Pocket compass Lufft mod 1950 

Compass/map measurer

Wilkie diving compass Type UK 47 F

Bezard universal compass 

Eschenbach M1 Marching compass

Eschenbach Pro 2 Marching compass

Eschenbach Precision compass

Barigo compass model 16

Kasper& Richter Compass Meridian Pro

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