Collecting Military Compasses


Boussole Alidade   Systeme du COLONEL PEIGNE civilian version.


A French  survey compass/clinometer, the  BOUSSOLE ALIDADE, with extensive instructions in French on both top and bottom of the closed instrument. The bakelite compass case has a hinged lid holding the mirror with sighting slit. The compass base holds the compass/clinometer with needle clamp and hinged sight. The compass is marked in degrees and with 8 cardinal points and the variation is marked at 10 degrees. The hinged case, which is 9 cm. (3 1/2 inches) square, has a centimeter rule along one side, two catches and a suspension loop on another.  The raised sight folds for storage. The whole instrument is in excellent condition, with all the instructions clearly readable (in French), remarkable for paper instructions over 75 years old.

Made by the Société de Lunetiers,a former French company.


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